Special Reports

Ocean Grants Special Reports are a culmination of our research and recommendation process in which we spotlight our Recommended Organizations. Ocean Grants Recommended Organizations: (i) are leaders in their space; (ii) are transparent and forthcoming with information, including financial information; (iii) are managing donations responsibly; (iv) would be significantly enhanced with additional funding; and (v) have definable metrics of effectiveness, impact and scalability on critical Ocean problems.  Our Special Reports are designed to inform and inspire donors to give to the organizations we have found to be the most exemplary and best able to move the needle toward solving critical Ocean challenges.  Over time we will publish Special Reports covering all geographies and all identified Ocean challenges. The goal of our research and Special Reports is to help donors maximize the impact of their donations. 

If you are working for a non-profit doing work in one of our Ocean challenge focus areas and would like to be considered for recommendation, please apply here.