How We Work

We attract donors through our Donor Advised Fund Program, which offers numerous tax and philanthropic benefits, one of which is to give donors time to determine which organizations they wish to direct their support to.   We use that time to inform and inspire our donors as to Ocean challenges and the organizations working to solve them through our Special Reports.  We then encourage donors to direct their donations to Ocean Grants Recommended Organizations.   

98% of funds from our DAF are distributed directly to the Ocean-focused nonprofit(s) of the donor's choosing*; we retain a 2% administration fee.  Aside from nominal application fees, we do not receive any payment or compensation from any Ocean Grants Recommended Organization.  Donations received through our website that are directed to the Special Report Fund are used for the research and publication of our Special Reports.  

Why give to Ocean Grants and not directly to an Ocean-focused nonprofit?

Any money given to an Ocean-focused nonprofit is a great thing, no matter how it gets there.  Giving through the Ocean Grants Donor Advised Fund Program is easy and provides additional advantages such as:

  • Immediate maximum tax benefits coupled with time to determine which nonprofit(s) to donate to

  • Investment options designed to grow your donation

  • Tax free growth of all invested funds

  • Ability to contribute non-cash assets

  • Low fee structure - 98% of your fund will make it to the nonprofits of your choosing*

Ocean Grants does extensive research for each Ocean challenge to determine which Ocean-focused nonprofits to recommend.  We then publish Special Reports to raise awareness regarding the challenges, to enumerate the nonprofits working in the space and to spotlight those we consider our Recommended Organizations.  

Here is the methodology we use for identifying Ocean-focused organizations we believe will maximize the impact of your donation.

Here is the selection process we use in choosing Ocean Grants Recommended Organizations.


*Although donations accepted through the Ocean Grants Donor Advised Fund Program legally become the property of Ocean Grants, we make every effort to comply with our donor's wishes and most often direct their donations to the organizations of their choice.