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There are several ways to help

First, can you double your donation? Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift!

Donate to Solve a Particular Ocean Challenge

Ocean Grants is researching each of these challenges to determine the most impactful organizations working to solve these Ocean problems.  Your donation to this fund will be aggregated until Ocean Grants has “recommended” nonprofits for the challenge you’ve selected, at which point they will be disbursed to such Recommended Organizations. Ocean Grants retains a 2% fee so 98% of your donation will be distributed.  This 2% fee helps cover Ocean Grants' administrative and research costs so we can ensure all donations are given to the most effective organizations.  Here is more information about our research methods. If you prefer to give directly to a plastic-focused organization, you can find their contact information in our directory

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Donate to Ocean Grants’ Special Report Fund

Your donation to the Ocean Grants Special Reports Fund supports our research, evaluation and validation efforts as well as the publication of our resulting Special Reports.  We do an in-depth analysis of Ocean-focused nonprofits, by Ocean challenge, to determine which ones are making the largest impact towards solving a given Ocean challenge and which ones would most benefit from additional funding. The goal is to identify the very best recipients of our donors’ funds.

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Donate your Yacht to Ocean Grants

A charitable tax deduction is a distinct advantage for yacht owners attempting to sell their boats as it can eliminate the expenses of yacht ownership (storage, maintenance, insurance, brokerage fees, etc.), provide a tax deduction based on the appraised value of the vessel and enable owners to actively participate in restoring Ocean health. Learn More About Yacht Donations

Establish a Donor Advised Fund

Donations of US$10,000 or more may be made to the Ocean Grants Donor Advised Fund.  These donations are eligible for maximum tax benefits and enable long term philanthropic planning.  Ocean Grants charges a 2% fee for this service.  Please contact us at to learn more.

All donations are in US$. There is a minimum donation of $10.00.

Ocean Grants is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation with tax exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  
All donations are tax deductible for income tax purposes.  Federal tax identification number 82-2869115.